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  "Just wanted to let you guys know that your units can be heard on the number one and
    number two album in the country right now: Muse and Of Monsters and Men."

                            - Rich Costey

"Havenít used my Dolby since I got the Stretch!"
                            - Ryan Hewitt

The Standard Audio STRETCH is an API 500 series multi-band compression unit inspired by the classic tape Noise Reduction units from the 1970s and 1980s. While Noise Reduction units were typically used for reducing tape noise, engineers and producers would often “misuse” them and modify them to create sounds unobtainable by available compressors, limiters, and equalizers.

After analyzing many classic and vintage Noise Reduction units, the modifications performed, and the methods of use, we designed the Stretch from the ground up to enable the modern engineer/producer to easily recreate those classic techniques and take them further.

Some Recommended Uses:

• Add sparkle and air to Vocals (Lead and Background)

• Add low punch and/or bite to Drums (Kick, Snare, Toms, Rooms)

• Pull bite out of or add consistent sub to a bass guitar

• Sweeten and add air to acoustic guitar and strings

• Parallel process busses (even mix buss!) and add excitement and depth that cannot be replicated with any other available compressor or EQ combination.

Stretch Features

The input signal is split into 4 frequency bands and then each band is individually compressed with preset ratio, attack, and release settings tailored to each frequency band.
• LF Band: 20Hz - 110Hz
• MF Band: 110Hz - 3kHz
• HF3 Band: 3kHz - 20kHz
• HF9 Band: 9kHz - 20kHz
• Filter/Compression pushbutton: lets the user cycle continuously through 7 different filter combinations. Orange HPF and LPF front panel LEDs indicate the different combinations.
• 100% analog signal path
• Highest quality, high reliability amplifier circuit design. High quality filter capacitors for filter stages.
• Engage pushbutton: Enables/Disables true hard-wired relay bypass circuit. Unit is engaged when pushbutton LED is lit.
• Filter/Compression pushbutton LED: Indicates when any of the active filter stages has reached 2dB of compression.
• Input Control: Allows the user to set the gain structure through the unit so that the desired amount of compression is occurring.
• Output Control: A post-mix circuit output level control allows the engineer to set the output level to DAW/Tape without altering the mix blend.
• Mix Control: Blend the STRETCH signal in with the un-processed input signal to vary the amount of effect desired.

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